Community Research Leads to Community Action

Since 2007 South West Foundation has been developing and delivering Community Based Particpatory Research. We believe that investing in local people in local communties is the way to bring about lasting positive change, both to communties and to the individuals who live and work in those communties. 


Our Latest project, Community Matters, is being delivered in partnerhsip with Bath University. The Foundation is working with five community groups and researchers from the University on five very diverse community based participatory research projects.See the Community Matters page for more information.


Over the last ten years the Foundation has delivered its very specific research training programme to over 600 people across the South West, many living in communities that are faced with some of the greatest challenges.


Through the Community Researcher courses, hundreds of people have realised their own skills, knowledge and understanding of how, by engaging and leading, they can bring about improvements to their communties.


The Foundation has had the chance to revisit those communties and hear about the changes that have been achieved by the community researchers. The training has been delivered in a vareity of settings and with a variety individuals, enabling them to see how they can each make a marked contribution, engage and facilitate community action.


This website is a place where people's stories can be shared, where people can learn about the amazing things that  are being achieved by people in communties who have been able to link in to community research.Please contact the Foundation on if you would like more information about our Community Researcher Training of the Community Matters Project.


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